K-12 Education

As a mother, grandmother and former teacher, Barbara has always made it a priority to fight for excellent schools for all our children, both in terms of funding and sound policy.  She has helped to lead the legislative fight to implement the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court ruling that called for significant increases in school aid to our low- and middle- income schools, part of the annual budget battle that she will continue waging until the decision is fully implemented. 

Barbara co-sponsors and voted for the Assembly bill that would repeal the mandated overemphasis on test results in teacher evaluations, returning the matter to local districts where it belongs.   There is no companion bill in the Senate, as of now.  

As a member of the Assembly Education Committee, Barbara has raised particular concerns about the edTPA, a high-stakes test for new teachers, including its cost and the privatized elements of the exam. She has been pleased to see the Regents making revisions in this area.  Barbara will continue to listen to educators, parents, and students about how to appropriately evaluate and advocate for high-quality schools for all students.