Health Care

Barbara believes that good health care is a basic human right that should be readily available to all New Yorkers and Americans.  She signed onto the Assembly’s single-payer bill, the New York Health Act, in her first year in office. She has now voted many times for this bill, which would, if enacted into law, provide comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers.   

As Medicaid Re-design has been implemented in New York, Barbara has fought for appropriate funding for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home care. She strongly supports the  Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision which said that people must have access to the  “least restrictive setting” for care, allowing more people with disabilities to remain in their homes.  Additionally, Barbara has worked to ensure quality elder care for those in skilled-nursing facilities, responding to families with concerns about care.   

Barbara has worked hard to mitigate the problems with Medicaid Transportation, especially in Cortland County, as the state took over that function. She asked that the State Department of Health set up a Working Group, including local Mobility Managers which dealt with the initial crisis and then worked on a longer-range plan to improve the serious Medicaid transportation problems.  She is continuing to listen to concerns through this transition.