Barbara believes it is vital that the state provide strong support to Upstate farmers, producing, as they do, much of our food, and acting as the stewards of millions of acres of New York farmland. She believes the we need to provide the latest research and support in sustainable farming practices. 

As a member of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, Barbara has supported and voted for a plethora of state programs important to New York farmers and the farms in our state. The list of programs that Barbara has strongly supported and for which she has fought year-after-year for adequate funding in the budget includes: Farm Viability, Integrated Pest Management, Pro Dairy, Wine and Grape Foundation, Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution and Abatement, Farmland Protection, Apple Association, FarmNet, the Master Beekeeper Program at Cornell, Diagnostic Lab at Cornell, Future Farmers of America, Apiary Research and Soil and Water Conservation Districts.